About Keolis

We are one of the world’s largest public transport operators. We have become so by doing things our way while still listening carefully to our customers, our clients and other organisations we work closely with. The traffic services we offer are usually by bus and train but boats and bicycles also feature.

Persuading more people to use public transport

At Keolis Sweden we aim to develop and deliver attractive, smart transport, locally tailored urban transport systems that persuade more people to use public transport as their travel alternative of choice.

Sustainable thinking and smart transport actions

Over 80 percent of our Swedish bus fleets run on renewable fuels today. By training our drivers in eco driving techniques we can cut fuel consumption by 10-15 percent.

We are helping to develop a better society

As you see, we have lofty ambitions and are working hard to create world class public transport services. But it takes more than that. To achieve our ambitious targets we first need to understand life from our passengers’ perspective and genuinely do our utmost to make their daily journeys by public transport as easy and advantageous as possible. When it works, we are doing our bit to make society better for both people and the environment.

Today, this is what the 6,000 of us Keolis employees do everyday.

Clients we work with today include:  Dalatrafiken, Jönköpings länstrafik, Länstrafiken Sörmland, Länstrafiken Örebro, Storstockholms Lokaltrafik, Västtrafik and Östgötatrafiken.

Facts about Keolis Sweden

Keolis Sweden is the market’s first specialist in locally tailored environment friendly urban transport. Keolis Sweden offers the public transport services that are best for our customers and the environment.

We have around 6,000 employees.

Turnover 2014, MSEK 4,400.

Approx 265 million


Keolis Sweden operates transport services and provides customer services on behalf of county public transport companies.

Head Office
Gjörwellsgatan 30
SE 112 60 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 5190 2000 (sw)